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Rhode Island School bluefin tuna photo.

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RI fishing Charter Boat Maverick.


Tuna Fishing Tackle, Tips, Videos and Techniques

Visit our Online Store for a complete line of saltwater fishing tackle. We feature Carlson tuna spreader bars, FuKu Squid and tuna squid rigs along with an assortment of striped bass lures.

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Please view these Squid Rigs - Tuna Trains - Spreader Bars and how to use them at Maverick Tackle.

All of the Bluefin shown on this page are just a few of the Tuna caught by Capt. Jack on the Maverick with Maverick Tackle.

Maverick Tackle offers the best tuna tackle at discounted prices. All tackle is built by commercial tuna fishermen. Capt. Jack services all orders reducing our overhead and allowing you to talk about tuna fishing directly with a tuna charter captain. We feature all the latest Green Machine Bars, Fuku Squid, Slug-go Bars and Vertical Jigs. Let us provide you with the very best Squid, Spreader Bars, Squid Rigs, Lures at discounted prices. We have no overhead. Capt. Jack receives and fulfils your orders as well as providing customer service. Our tackle works great anywhere on the East Coast to the Canyons.

"If I don't fish it I don't sell it" - Capt. Jack
All Tuna Pics caught on the charter boat "Maverick"

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Carlson FuKu glow squid, squid rigs and bird bars.

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Maverick Tackle is offering a great opportunity to purchase our top quality squid at a fraction above our cost. You can search but will never find top quality squid at these prices. 9 " @ 1.15 each. 11" @ 1.40 each. 13 " @ 2.10 each.

To view a color chart click here.These squid are available while supplies last in the following colors: Black, Zuchinni, Sandeel, Glow, Green, Hot Tomato, Pearl, Shrimp. Freight considerations require a minimum order of $10.00. To secure these great prices click here.

We offer a complete line of custom Carlson Slug-go, Ballyhoo squid rigs and Squid Spreader Bars with special tips for school tuna fishing. Also on display is a complete line of soft baits, Eye Catcher ballyhoo Lures, Carlson casting and vertical jigging tuna lures.

Maverick Tackle has added many new and proven lures for 2011 including a 3.5 oz. pink casting jig which was the top striper lure during the 2010 Mass. commercial bass season.

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We have found Carlson Offshore lures to be designed and engineered to out produce and outlast any other tackle we have tested. Below is an example of why we feature and fish products built by John Carlson.

Superior Construction
The Best Mainline to Bar Connection


Note the chafing gear on the mainline at the bar.
It adds years to the life of the rig.

Premium Mainline to Stinger Connection

The hot new tuna lure last year was the Carlson Slug-go Bar. We have both 9" and 12" available online. The Slug-go Bar is a 36" Titanium Bar with SS swivels on each Slug-go, custom built SS soft bait screws so you can easily change a damaged bait, black SS hooks and available in 9" or 12" Slug-gos.

The 9" bar has a 9/0 hook and is available with white slug-gos and a pink Slug-go stinger or pink with a white stinger. The 13" bar uses a 10/0 hook and is available in the same color combinations. We are planning a black bar and stinger in the near future.

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This site will provide an overview of our bluefin tuna fishing tackle and tuna techniques as well as links to articles, videos, pictures and bluefin charter boats. These saltwater fishing links will provide more tips and information for anglers fishing with squid rig spreader bars, green machines and other tuna lures. This saltwater fishing tackle will catch tuna on all of the East Coast offshore waters. Our lures have been top producers from Maine to Florida and have proven deadly in the school bluefin tuna fishery off of New England.

We have expanded our product line. Bluefin Tuna Tackle will be offering discounted specials on bulk squid, spreader bars, squid rigs, green machine trains and custom striped bass rigs.

13" Squid Special Pricing

11" Bulk Squid

Don't get caught this year scrambling for your favorite squid to re-rig or build a new spreader bar. Maverick Tackle is offering a special consisting of 14 - 13" squid of the same color and 1 -13" squid of a different color for a stinger. That's 15 - 13" squid for only $31.50

That is a huge discount over our normal low prices on the best squid money can buy. Don't take our word for it, ask those who fish them daily!

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Dave and Eben with our first market bluefin in 2008. We had a double hookup. The 75" tuna hit a rigged ballyhoo with an Eye Catcher Bait Shower Teaser.

Dave and Eben with a 75" small giant tuna.

Most anglers agree that giant bluefin tuna fishing can be one of the most difficult big game fish challenges the ocean has to offer. Yet it is also one of fishing's greatest rewards. To win a battle with a giant bluefin on an 80 or 130 class rod is a thrill. But many anglers don't have that opportunity. Especially since the resource has dwindled due to over fishing by the European Union countries.

However, fishing for school and medium tuna on 30 and 50 class standup gear can provide the same thrills and is within the range and budget of most anglers. Maverick Charters has developed proven tackle and techniques to assist you in this endeavor. We will share this bluefin tuna knowledge with you and hopefully a tip or two will add to the success of your next offshore outing.

The tuna photos on this page are a few of the many bluefin caught on Cape Cod aboard the Maverick with IFGA Capt. Jack Riley.

Dave and Capt. Randy with a 900# bluefin caught on the Maverick in November 2009 at The Figs.

As you all know the keys to success when bluefin tuna fishing are preparation, timing, the right tackle and a little bit of luck. Wishing you Tightlines. Capt. Jack

Rich Tower with 890# giant.

900# Giant Bluefin Tuna Photo.

Capt. Jack with giant tuna.

Don and JoAnn with bluefin tuna.

Nightime bluefin tuna picture.

Bluefin Tuna

Jim and JoAnn

Limit of RI Tuna and Stripers