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 Bluefin Tuna Fishing Tackle

When fishing offshore for bluefin or yellowfin tuna only the very best tuna tackle will do. Visit our online store by clicking on the Maverick Tackle logo below or


Our regular and floating squid rigs, spreader bars and tuna lures have been proven to catch fish from Maine to North Carolina.

Whether you are targeting giant bluefin tuna, or school size tuna we suggest that you have a complete arsenal of offshore lures, squid bars and bait to be consistently successful. With the long run to the grounds and the high price of fuel you have to be able to "match the hatch" on any given day.

All of our tackle has been fully tested by our charter captains and proven to be a leader in catching bluefin tuna. We have provided photos of our products with links for more detail as well as fishing pictures for your enjoyment.

Our staff has decades of both commercial and recreational bluefin tuna fishing experience. So not only can we offer you the tuna tackle that you need, but we can also give you all the specifics on how and when to use them. Below you will find bluefin tuna specific rigs, teasers, and spreader bars.

Good luck and Tightlines! Capt. Jack



The Carlson Slug-go Bar. We have both 9" and 11" in stock. To order click here. The Slug-go Bar is a 36" Titanium Bar with SS swivels on each Slug-go, custom built SS soft bait screws so you can easily change a damaged bait, black SS hooks and available in 9" or 12" Slug-gos.

The 9" bar has a 9/0 hook and is available with white slug-gos and a pink Slug-go stinger or pink s with a white stinger. The 11" bar uses a 10/0 hook and is available in the same color combinations. We are planning a black bar and stinger in the near future. Click here for details.

  Rigged Bullet-Nob BN-8 Bullet-Nob rigged with 48" 150 Lb. Momoi Xtra-Hard leader, Mustad 7691S 8/0 SS Hook, Magnum Ring and Grommet, and glow beads. Comes in a Single Pocket Lure Bag, and is available in 4 colors. Click here for all the details.

*We Have caught both tuna and white marlin with an individual Bullet-Nob as well as rigged in a chain.

  The Offshore Pursuits Tuna Train Supreme is actually 6 separate functional components that can be used alone, in conjunction with other lures, or as "The Train" . This set consists of (3) rigged Bullet-Nobs, a Black Squid teaser mainline, a pink Dot Squid teaser mainline, and a Bullet-Nob teaser mainline. Click here for details.

*The Supreme provides all the colors you will need to experiment based on light conditions and the tuna preference for that day.

  The Offshore Pursuits Tuna Train is a teaser and stinger combination that is as versatile as it is beautiful! A proven performer on school bluefin tuna as well as yellowfin tuna, this combo rig does it all.  Click here for details.

*When someone on the radio says they caught on a green machine make sure the Train is in your spread.

  The Offshore Pursuits Tuna Train Express is the same as the Tuna Train, with the addition of a Williamson Exciter 10" Bird in Green. Now there are 6 possible lure or teaser combinations in 1 rig! Click here for all the details.

*On calm days we run the Express last in the spread about 60 yards or further astern.

  The Offshore Pursuits Tuna Train Maxi Splash is the same as the Tuna Train Express, but instead of 3 Bullet-Nobs, there are 4 MoldCraft Little Birds in green and yellow. Click here for all the details.

*A great attractor. The Splash creates more disturbance than the Express.

  The Offshore Pursuits Tuna Train Maxi Splash Red Eye has 4 pink and white Little Birds, with a pink Williamson 10" Exciter bird and a Holographic Purple Bullet-Nob stinger. This is the perfect bait for low-light conditions. Click here for all the details.

*We fish the purple stinger early and late with green during the day.

Carlson Squid Rigs are offered as a bird bar or squid bar in 36" stainless steel, 36" titanium, and 48" stainless steel bar configurations as shown at left. (the stinger is hanging on the right side for picture purposes only. The last squid on the main line has a 350 lb Pro lock ball bearing swivel buried in the body that is used for attaching the stinger of your choice).

All Carlson Squid rigs  come standard with detachable stingers offering more versatility. All 9" bars have an 11" stinger, all 11" bars have a 13" stinger, and the 13" bars have a 13" stinger.

All Carlson Squid rigs are built using a new custom line of shell squid. These are (in our opinion, as well as anybody who has seen, held, or fished them) the finest shell squid on the market today. These squid feature a heavier wall thickness than the "competition" and is consistent throughout the squid body. The squid colors are all proven favorites, and the coloring of the squid is rich and vibrant. To top it off, these squid have the best eyes around. Don't take my word for it though...You be the judge.

*If You would like flotation in your teasers or a weighted stinger please indicate it on your order.

*We have all the new squid colors. Lipstick red/glow, purple, blue and tomato.

Also, green glow, glow, rainbow and pink stingers fished best for us in 20010.

Available squid sizes.

 The new carlson Bird is by far the best Bird on the market today. Works great when trolling for bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, and marlin.   Carlson Birds are by far the best birds on the market today. With over a year in development, these birds have been tested and perfected by the best in the business.

These birds are 12" long, front weighted, and balanced perfectly to be trolled up to 15 knots. With 8 awesome glowing paint schemes to choose from, these birds are the choice of the offshore fleet.

Click here for further details.

*We started using these great birds when they were introduced in 2008. They were unique, of better quality and with a lower price than other birds we compared. A must for any offshore tackle box.



Night photo of a giant bluefin tuna.

Rewards of a ballyhoo in the wash.

School tuna photo.

Proud angler photo.

Dad and daughter with catch.

Mike P. with his first tuna.

A trio of bluefin.

Capt. Jack with a keeper.

Bob and Ed with beautiful bluefin and bass.